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    What does it cost to build a pool? What is the most expensive part of building a pool?

    It will vary greatly. It could be excavated if you are on hard soil and need to blast to get a hole. Or if the soil cannot support a poll and engineering like piles, caissons, piers are needed. Or if the access to the site is so small that standard digging equipment cant get to it. Or if you have to haul the dirt long distance or have to pay to unload the dirt.

    It could be plumbing if you have a small pool with plumbing that meets the ICC pool and Spa Code. Or have an in-floor cleaning system.

    It could be shotcrete (gunite). Especially if the pool is over-dug and the engineer requires very high compressive strength.

    The finish products Coping, tile, decking and interior finish can make all the difference.

    You can see why one would hesitate when people ask how much a pool costs. Even a small pool can be very expensive and large pools can be affordable when making the right choices and have the right conditions.


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    How difficult is it to maintain a swimming pool?

    It’s not overly difficult. Just do a little bit every week, with the right set of chemicals, and it’s fairly easy. I compared it to a farmer friend like taking care of a couple of cows once - you need to know what to do, but when you do that it’s not overly difficult.

    You need a good filtering unit, the right chemicals and a tester. I’d also recommend a bucket or two, a water vacuum (mine plugs into the filter), and a good night cover, preferably one that drains water away from the pool.

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    What happens if you build a pool without a permit?

    That would depend on the laws in your area. In some jurisdictions, they could make you remove any construction done without a permit. Even if you did it 100% to code. This tends to be deemed as a punishment for not following the rules. It is possible that you can claim ignorance but if the structure does not meet the requirements or worse yet requires notice to neighbors, your chances drastically decrease.

    The BEST option is to leave it to the pros. Let Denton Custom Pools deal with all that for you. Give us a call and we can walk you through it..

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